Matching Socks

Swanson Stones Adidas Sawed Off Cable Guy Judy (QIC)

Conditions: perfect (it’s the Buck)

SSH x 10, 1 B, AC x 10, 2 B, AC x 10, 3 B, TTT x 10, 4 B, WM x 10, 5 B, SSH x 10, 6 B, AC x 10, 7 B, AC x 10, 8 B, TTT x 10, 9 B, WM x 10, 10 B 

AMRAP: 60 ish yards out and back. The out is broken into three stations, the back is a jailbreak. Stations: Merkin x 5, Burpee x 5, Starburst x 5. JAILBREAK to start, repeat for 25 ish minutes. 


Flutters x 21, hello dolly x 20, dirty dog x 20 (each leg), lbc x 20, big boys x 20, backscratchers x 15


Announcements: if interested in an evening post, see me. Need to get some committed Qs to get it rolling. 

Prayer Request: unspoken


  1. Stones starbursts mimic the best cheerleaders in the NFL (or better).
  2. When performing pre workout stretching, keep a safe distance from Swanson. 
  3. Listening to Adidas try to talk his way out of his matching shirt and socks… come on, Man!
  4. There is always that one PAX that never complains at the Buck. That one PAX is always Cable Guy.
  5. Sawed off went quiet ten minutes into the AMRAP, but his pace only got better. Good work Nantan.
  6. This work out was about trying to get comfortable with an uncomfortable and seemingly endless situation. I find this applies to more than just workouts/races. There will be an end to it, and sometimes you just have to grit and bear the grind. God is ultimately in control, and he WILL give you more than you can handle on your own. Rely on Him and those around you to pull you through and continue to grind it out. It will be worth it. Chew on that, Stones. #dreddtalk 

JJ out

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