Whiskey Sour

3-27-2021 The Yacht Club

Weather: Perfect

PAX: MiniVan(QR), Ambien(R),Schnitzel(R), Squid(R), Gecko(RR), JV, Big Al, Chumbucket, Earhardt, Brutus(Welcome back!)

Intro/ Disclaimer: Yup

Warmup: TTTx10IC, IWX10IC, HBX10IC, Kick Backs10xIC

  • The Thang:
    • Split into 2 teams (Odd & Even)
    • Team Odd (Cheaters)
      • Squid, Ambien, JV, Earhardt, Gecko
    • Team Even
      • MiniVan, Chumbucket, Schnitzel, Big Al, Brutus
  • First to 3 wins – total reps per team then run 1/2 lap and flip 1 tire carry 1 tire to center of field for win
    • 100 x Burpees
    • 200 x BBSU
    • 300 x Merkins
    • 400 x V-ups
      • Team Even wins 3-1
        • Team Odd does full set motivator while Team Even Planks
    • 500 x Groiners
    • 600 x Mountain Climbers
    • 700 x Plank Jacks
    • 800 x Squats
      • Team Odd wins 3-1
        • Team Even does 1/2 set motivator (due to time constraints) Team Odd Planks
    • 900 x SSH, Bear crawl cross field, run 1/2 lap, flips tires to middle

Mary: 60s plank circuit


Praises/ Prayers: Bartman and family, healing PAX

Announcements: FNG/RNG competition for April. GrowRuck event coming up

Moleskine: While Whiskey Sours are a great drink the last 1 will always get you, I suggest not drinking that last 1 when you too. Squid thinks it may be hard to be an impartial ref if you are on a team (I think I was fair), JV&Squid on the same team will clearly lead to some rule bending and “possible” cheating, Why are the mean Elf’s always from the south pole? Shingles is your connection for Pure Cane sugar Coke from Mexico…(that doesn’t sound good) Brutus is back with his techie stuff!, JV received a long awaited turkey sandwich at coffee,

Hard fought match men! Always enjoy this workout and the constant smack talk it provides

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