Johanna Ballcock Flea Peaches Stones McFlurry  Judy (QIC) Honorable mention : 12 gauge

Conditions: Suns out, guns out (per Johanna)

SSH x 10, 2 M, TTT x 10, 4 M, AC x 10, 6 M, AC x 10, 8 M, WM x 10, 10 M, SSH x 10, 12 M, TTT x 10, 14 M, AC x 10, 16 M, AC x 10, 18 M, WM x 10, 20 M; Mosey; BOMBS (5-10-15-20-25 @ the .25 mile loop at boat park) x 4 (modify last 2 overhead presses with double merkin burpees); mosey to timely deliver Stones to the AO; 11s dips/M; SSH x 10, 1 FB, TTT x 10, 2 FB, AC x 10, 3 FB, AC x 10, 4 FB, WM x 10, 5 FB, SSH x 10, 6 FB, TTT x 10, 7 FB, AC x 10, 8 FB, AC x 10, 9 FB, WM x 10, 10 FB; AH x 25


Announcements: 1. Squealer has Monday Q 2. The shovel flag is unreasonably tall.

Prayer Requests: unspoken


  1. Stones spent most of his energy trying to figure out how to modify the exercise.
  2. There is a butterfly swimming on the new F3 Lowcountry shirt. I must have missed the inside joke.
  3. Johanna woke up at 6:24. Tclaps for showing up even if you did forget your sleeves.
  4. FB = Flea Burpee = burpee with no merkin. Add it to the lexicon
  5. How have I been posting with Stones for 6 plus years and just now noticing his SSH. What’s going on there?
  6. Welcome Back Flea! You have been missed.
  7. Peaches has the merkin count for the day. 

JJ out

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