3/23 Buck Backblast : Cinderella Birthday Party

Conditions: dark, not cold, no rain

9 Pax : Roker, Swanson, Shocker, Cable Guy (Respect), Sister Mary Kathrine Gallagher (Respect), Hostilo, Mc Flurry, Jethro, Wet Wipes (QIC)

Disclaimer as normal

Warmup : Had to ask what we do again or start w/ SSH. Add in 10 merkins oyo and we are off.

The Thang: Head to the walls for 20 dips, balls to the wall, 20 more dips, more bttw, and last round of 20 dips

Mosey over to LCCC to meet up with Cinderella for a surprise birthday guest

Pair up. The goal is not to do a certain amount of reps but to do as many as you can

BLIMPS with Cinderella

While each exercise is happening partner 2 runs all the way to the end of the parking lot and back.

Bicep Curls


Imperial Walkers (no dance w/ Cinderella here)


Plank Jacks


Everyone had time to catch up and chatter was high since we didn’t have to remember our counts. Something to remember for next time.

Back to the flag for Mary

20 V-ups

41 American Hammer –

Cor/ Nor

Mom’s were high on the list to be praying for this morning. Let’s lift them up, and pray for healing and share our gratitude for them.

Joker helped me formulate how to use the blocks this morning, he also scolded me for hitting 41 American Hammers on my 42nd bday. Next year? Glad to be out in the gloom again.

Wet Wipes

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