Not today

3/17/2020 – The Brig

PAX: MiniVan(R), Schnitzel(R), Chumbucket, Radar, HardHAt, WaterWorks(Vis)

Weather: Perfect temps/ cloud cover

Intro/ disclaimer: This is probably going to be a boring workout, lets not push ourselves and get hurt just a few days before the P200

Warmup: None of that, lets just get to the thang, because there really isn’t going to be anything to warmup for

The Thang: 4 corners with reps of each exercise 10, 20, 30, 40. Alternating between PAX to call out out exercise. Mosey between stops, backpedal at times, carioca at times. Variety of exercises called out, even learned several new ones from our visitor. Waterworks realized we were serious about “no burpees” when he called out an exercise and said “like a burpee” NOT TODAY Waterworks not today.


Prayers: That all stay healthy, a safe, injury free P200 for all involved, for those PAX that are missing or injured

Moleskine: WaterWorks was probably bored with us this morning. HardHat kept it light by discussing testicles (Surprise) Schnitzel wondered “how much longer of this shi…” Learning to Fly and Zebra Kicks will be making its way into future workouts. There was no burpees, no motivator, probably minimal sweat this morning. Radar said his heart rate was lower after the workout then before. My watch told me I needed 1 hour of recovery.

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