When Cindy met Spur

Conditions: 45, Clear, Winds North by Northwest 3 knots

PAX: GATA, Peaches, Buckeye, Cable Guy (Respect), SMKG (Respect), Porky, Ballcock, Deuce Bigalow, Big Spur, Cockaboose, Yukon, Cowbell, Swanson (Q)

Warm O Rama: TTT, Windmills, IW, Arm Circles

The Thang: Partner Up at Cindy’s house and picked her up for a date around Old Town. Partners were responsible for partner carrying the block around town.

  • Started on Pritchard St. and ran to Bruin Road, PAX stopped for a round of crunches.
  • Next to Nickle Pumpers where the PAX stopped for a round of Monkey Humpers.
  • From there, PAX ran to Calhoun St. for a round of BBQ Squats (Low and Slow).
  • Stops were made along Calhoun St. at all paved side streets with one round with the block over your head.
  • Once we reached Bridge Street, PAX lined up for 2 rounds of suicides with the block on Calhoun St. in front of May River Excursions. Partner 1 ran with the block while Partner 2 held an Al Gore (crowd pleaser).
  • Next the PAX lined up along Bridge St. and lunge walked with the block (think 3-legged race) half-way to Boundary Street.
  • With Cindy’s curfew getting close, the PAX got her back home before she was grounded.
  • PAX then moseyed to the B-Ball court for 5 minutes of Mary.

5MOM: Pickle Pointers, American Hammers and Flutters


Announcements: F2 Lunch Wednesday at Downtown Deli and F2 (P200) Happy Hour Thursday at Bluffton Trading Post

Prayers: The Fields family for the tragic loss of their son Down Jr. and the other 2 boys with the senseless act of violence.


Three days later…that’s how long it’s taken me to write this backblast. When the Nantan calls you out for not writing a backblast 2 times it got me thinking. I let him down… I let everyone down. My desire to lead the workout was strong Sunday night, however, after the workout I never followed through. I realized that leading a workout, like leading at work , goes beyond the initial action and requires a follow through. I feel this is a great example the 3rd Quadrant (Q3) Lead Right (8) Candor.

“Candor, which is the Habit of graciously telling the hard truth and demanding to hear it from others. For a Group’s Movement to be truly voluntarily, its Members must know the truth. If their acquiescence is premised upon the chicanery of the Group’s Leader, the Outcome will not be Virtuous even if it is Advantageous.”

It is imperative that we as men of F3, leaders of our homes and this community, hear things like this to keep us in check. To be an effective leader we must all possess the following leadership virtues: have Candor, have Commitment, be Consistent, possess Contentment and have Courage. I hope after reading this, you take it to heart and strive to be a better leader.

Swanson Out.

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