Pain Pad

Conditions: 48, clear, calm

PAX: Cowbell, Kiffin, Hackey Sack, Gata, Swanson, SMKG(respect), Adidas- QIC

Warm O Rama: SSH, LBAC, IW, TTT all IC. Mosey small loop in parking lot. 

Main Thang: AMPAP circuit on pad w/coupons. 

8 stations, perform exercise for 60 seconds. Move to next station. 

1-KB swing

2-SB squat 40lb

3-Skull crusher- Cindy

4-Curls- 30lb plate


6-Monkey Humpers

7-SB Overhead press 20lb

8-Mountain Climbers

Mosey short loop between rounds. 

Repeat 3X

4MOM: LBC, air humpers, flutters, low plank. 

Recover, recover

Announcements: Happy Hour tonight, 6PM

Prayers: Cowbells business partners wife. Will be going through cancer treatment. Continue praying for our community affected by the shooting. 

Always a pleasure to lead. I appreciate all of you men!


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