Modified Run Day

Gambit Peaches Swanson Deuce Bigalow Peanut Sawed Off Hostillo Big Spur Cowbell Adidas  McFlurry Judge Judy (QIC)

Weather: MOB delivered close to freezing cold weather. Get your act together MOB.

W/O: SSH x 20    M x 10    TTT x 15    Squat x 10   TTT x 10   LBC x 10; Mosey x 3 laps; Dora    M x 150   Squat x 200    LBC x 300; Mosey x 3 laps; SSH x 20    M x 10    TTT x 10    Squat x 10    TTT x 10    LBC x 50


JV 8 year Anniversary is tomorrow. Go post at the TYC.

Men’s Breakfast tomorrow at DDT (6:30, I think) – Semper Fi will be speaking. Talk to Cable Guy for more information.

Be at the MOB next Wednesday. Don’t ask any questions, just be there. It will be a great V Q Co-Q.

Prayer Requests: Unspoken, Bluffton Community and families affected by the tragic shooting.


  1. You would think after 8 years JV would be in much better shape.
  2. Very limited mumble chatter this morning. Gambit must be nervous about the P200.
  3. Cowbell and Big Spur opted to separate from the group and do their own thing this morning. Real cool guys.
  4. With P200 around the corner, I figured a “run day” was appropriate. I learned that from Whippoorwill.
  5. Nothing fun about this morning’s workout. Just one to get through. Good push by all (except for Peaches).

Judy out.

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