PAX: Yoda (organizer), Shingles (title sponsor), Lamont, Ne Ne, Lombardi, Cockaboose, Jethro, Tubbs, Laetner, Squid

DISCLAIMER: Don’t get lost or run over


THANG: Quarter marathon participants should cover a distance or 6.5mi by running a pre-determined loop up Dune Lane and return along North Forest Beach Dr, passing through the park and then completing the loop from Deallyon Ave, down South Forest Beach Dr to Cordillo, then up to the Presbyterian church cut and back to the park. Half marathoners will have twice as much fun by RINSING AND REPEATING.



YHC was disappointed on the drive in to realize that there was no SF to represent. A quick text to Ne Ne and it was confirmed that he had #TYC SF and was on his way. Upon arrival/rendezvous, we entered the park to discover that ‘Boose and Jethro had already planted the SF from #TheRake. Everyone stood taller and stuck theirs chests out more.

YODA: This guy has a side hustle of selling gear out of #HiltonHeadRunningCompany headquarters but his main gig is organizing world class fitness events, speaking positive truths, and driving everyone he meets to be the best version of themselves. Our town is a better place to live because of him.

SHINGLES: Being true to F3 form, if you have a great idea and want to see something happen, organize it and lead it. This man has hounded YODA for over 9 months to do have a cool south end event. He stepped up as the title sponsor, participated, and brought us something great. And looked good doing it.

LAMONT: His first day at F3, he was weezing during the stretching and struggled to circumnavigate #TYC. Today, he clocked 13.1 miles on his watch. He has actually ran the same distance once before but, due to premature termination of the Garmin, he had no record. Now, it’s official.


COCKABOOSE: Proud carrier of the brand, he proves it often. His strong performance was a bit overshadowed by the loss of his race bib. For reasons known only to him, he stopped by his car midway for a wardrobe change. During this time, the bib was detached and stuffed into his pocket. At some point during the last 3.1mi, it fell from the pocket, was whisked by the seabreeze to the shore and has since started floating in the surf, threatening to clog the blowhole of an unknowing dolphin.

JETHRO: Rock solid performance, running stride for stride with ‘Boose. He will most likely be held partially responsible for dolphin fatalities as he did fail to hold his brother accountable for lost gear/bib.

TUBBS: A new’ish #HIM, he has jumped in with both feet. Today’s event was his confidence builder for the #P200. He went out hot, throttled back, and finished strong. After rolling his ankle last weekend, he’s now FIRED up to see that he can run.

LAETNER: Due to injuries and COVID conditions, he’s not been in the gloom. As the confident troupe of F3 brothers strided across the park, he came up and plugged in. At the end of the half, he commented that he was fine but his feet were hurting because he had not ran more than 6 miles prior. Ne Ne did ask, “so what made you think it was a good idea to do 13.1mi today?” Contact info was exchanged and Laetner should be back in the gloom soon.

NE NE: Badass. He’s more than just a lot of gear and cheap beer suggestions. He ran a relaxed race and then hung until the end to make sure every F3 was back home and hugged. In between runners, he was a stellar ambassador for our group! A huge congrats to him on his new career as the Director of Sales for SC/NC/GA for the Yeti Stick, a tool to simplify shaving hard to reach areas like your back. He swears by it. “I’ll tell you something right now. It is so easy to use that I have found myself shaving other areas just because…”

EVERYDAY around this tribe makes me thankful.

Squid, OUT

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