Beatings will continue…

PAX: Peanut, Cable Guy (Respect), Ball Cock, GATA, Hackey Sack, Dwight (Kotter), Judy, Doc McStuffins, Lombardi (Respect), Stones, Sawed Off (QIC)

CONDITIONS: 53 degrees, threatening, ominous.

DISCLAIMER: Not a trained professional, exercise at your own risk. Push yourself, push the man next to you. Modify where necessary, don’t get hurt.


TTT x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

BBAC x 15 IC

BBAC Reverse x 16 IC (mea culpa – still a bit foggy)

Helos x 15 IC

Overhead Claps x 15 IC

Seal Claps x 15 IC



Take a spot on knee wall.

Descend the ladder from 10 – Step Ups (each leg), Squats, Dips, Irkins

Wall Sit for the 6.

Form a line at median. Lunge Walk to next median. Duck Walk to next median. Rinse, repeat.

Mosey to front steps, find a spot.

Hop Ups – 1 min

Find a line in concrete.

Side to Side Hops – 1 min.

Rinse, repeat.

Rinse, repeat.

Mosey to pad.

Descend the ladder from 10 – Deconstructed Burpee (Squat to Thrust to Merkin to Thrust to Jump Squat)




Q sheet is still pretty barren. GET OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND LEAD YOUR FELLOW MAN. IT’S QUITE LITERALLY THE REASON THAT WE’RE OUT HERE – TO BUILD MALE LEADERSHIP THROUGH FITNESS, FELLOWSHIP AND FAITH. If that doesn’t suit you, I hear that Curves may still have a New Year special going.




  • As of around 7:00pm last night, the Q had not been claimed. After getting 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 fed, bathed and bedded, YHC gladly accepted the invitation with the intent to serve beatings until the Q sheet fills. Strangely, much like #MOB Monday, #theBuck PAX embraced the pain and seemed appreciative of the experience.
  • T-Claps and welcome back to my man Dwight. Committing to #theGloom after a long layoff is tough, physically and mentally. He’s out there pushing though and we’re glad to have him back.
  • In that vein, Dwight now has more posts in a span of four days than Dabo does in the calendar year. #TheMoreYouKnow
  • This morning was a perfect reminder of no matter how many times you’ve Qed, chances are, you’re going to screw up the count. Humbling moment, thanks to fellow PAX for going with it.
  • Stones was quick to inform Judy that Carolina is a baseball school. And women’s basketball. Judy was unaware that a baseball game was even played. The rivalry in live and well within the F3 ranks.
  • Uh, where’s #theBuck flag? Do we need another field trip to #theBrig?
  • Hop-Ups are not a fan favorite, especially the third set.
  • Kudos to all PAX for a great push through the end.
  • Always a pleasure to start the day with you fellas. Looking forward to the next one.

Sawed Off – Out!

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