CONDITIONS: 53 degrees, clear, 5kts SSW….amazing morning!

PAX: Ne Ne, Gekko (RR), Gates (DR from ATL), Big Al, Tubbs, Hermanos, Eli (R), Spaghetti-O, Squid (r)-QIC

DISCLAIMER: YHC is not certified, you’re working out at your own risk.


SSH x 25

TTT x 10

AC x 15fwd, x 15rev, AP x 15, MP x 15

IW x 15

HB x 15


Partner up for BOMBS: one PAX does exercise while the other runs to the speed bump and back, flip flop. Cumulative counts: Burpees x 50, Overhead Claps x 100, Merkins x 150, BBSU x 200, Squats x 250.

Gam Slams: exercising pax lies down with head between the feet of the standing partner and holds partners ankles. As a leg lift is performed by the exercising pax, standing partner shoves legs back down and exercising pax stops them six inches above the deck. Straight down x 10, left side x 10, right side x 10.

Mosey to speed bump and back.

Merkin Ring of Fire x 10

Mosey to speed bump and back.

Gam Slam: Straight down x 15

Mosey to speed bump and back.

BBSU Ring of Fire x 10

High Plank: Heel raises x 10 L, x 10 R

Flutters x 20




-Surgery/recovery for Ne Ne’s mother.

-P200 team meeting 1730hrs Wed, Spaulding’s office

-2nd F Happy Hour 1730hrs Thur, Hilton Head Brewing Co.


Plenty of enthusiasm and esprit de corps this morning.

As always, I’m humbled and honored to get to lead men like you.

Squid, OUT

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