Who has the nicest park bench?


48 Degrees and perfect!

On Deck- Hard Hat (QIC), Mini Van, Chum Bucket, Radar, Schnitzel, Gates (visitor).

Disclaimer and Warm Up- 10 TTY, 15 Arm circles both directions, 10 Hillbillies, 10 Imperial Walkers, 20 SSH, 10 Merkins.

The Thang- Mosey to the playground next to the bus parking lot. We broke up into 2 groups of 3. First group conducts 10 derkins while the other group knocks out 10 dips on the dip bars. Switch and rinse/repeat for 2 rounds. We then headed over to the elementary school entrance for stop #2. Group one did 10 derkins on the park benches while group 2 did 10 air squats. Rinse and repeat for 2 rounds of each. We headed off into the darkness towards the Rec center basketball courts for stop #3. 10 derkins on the park benches and then a half court bear crawl with 5 merkins. Rinse and repeat for 2 rounds. Stop #4 landed us at the middle school bus parking for 2 rounds of 10 derkins and 10 leg lifts off the curve. Rinse and repeat! Stop #5 was at the front middle school entrance with 2 rounds of 5 burpees and derkins on the benches. Stop #6 was at the high school parking lot where our last set of benches were located. 10 merkins and sprints just before we headed back to the AO. We had time for Mary and Mini Van wanted a hot lap.

Announcements- 12 man team P200 meeting Wednesday at 5:30.

Moleskin- Great push by all. Our visitor from Atlanta was practicing his social distancing on the park benches by at least 50 feet. Radar enjoyed showing off his upper thigh bruise from skiing. Schnitzel has been mistaken for a movie star by an Asian man departing an airplane for the first time in the U.S.

Hard Hat Out.

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