Respect Counts

PAX: Lombardi, Cable Guy, SMKG(all respect), Hackey Sack(QIC)

4 pax met at the buck and were not rained on…3 respected elders allowed me to review basic counting skills and again proved Lombardi is a beast.

Warm up
Side straddle hops
Imperial walkers
Quad stretch
Lil baby arm circles
Side straddle hops

Mosey to the school steps where we counted by 1’s as we did Merkin ladder to 10

Mosey back to the pad where it was noticed we have 10 sections of concrete
Lunge to line 1 and do 5 squats jog back to start and do 5 reps core exercise of choice
Rinse and repeat up the ladder increasing reps by 5 at each line. Done for total time of 18:37

Finish with each pac favorite core move…note to self Lombardi is not allowed to participate in these things in the future

Announcements CSAUP on HHI this sat

Prayer request for lombardis friends with new child with heart condition and praise for good results on SMK’s wife’s tests.

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