Mini Meatloaf Massacre

EC PAX: Peaches, Lombardi (Respect), Judge Judy, Big Spur

Regular PAX: Peaches (QIC), Lombardi (Respect), Judge Judy, Big Spur, Buckeye, Deuce Biggalow, GATA, Heidi, Kiffin, Peanut, Cowbell, Swanson, McFlurry, Ballcock, Cockaboose.

Conditions: 38 a little brisk

Disclaim: Push but not to injury


Dirty Dogs 15 Right 10 Left IC

TTT x 10 IC

Arm Circles x 15 forward 10 reverse IC

Air Press x 15 IC

Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

Mosey to Bus Loop 10 Squats OYO waiting for six. Everyone grab a block.

Thang: Mini Meatloaf’s Massacre

Round 1:

10 Man Makers with the block

20 Shoulder presses with the block

30 Block Swings

40 Block Squats

50 Merkin on the Block (arms out Judy!)

Run 4 Laps around bus Loop

Repeat above Run 3 Laps

Repeat above Run 2 Laps

Repeat above Run 1 Lap (DID NOT COMPLETE DUE TO TIME)

Return blocks but not before 10 Block Merkins IC counted by Buckeye

Mosey back to flag for

Dirty Dogs x 5 on left side only to even things out




CSAUP Saturday at the Yacht club, check FB for details




-Buckeye did this workout 2 summers ago but the run was 1 mile. ,75 mile, .50 mile and .25 mile. Everyone present that day remembers it vividly, except Ballcock he cant remember anything from 2 weeks ago. Today was a glimpse of that day. #Massacred

-GATA threw his block around today like it was a loaf of bread and laughed at all the runners struggling.

-Peanut had extra crunchy gas

-Judy loves blocks

-Cowbells form on the merkin is perfect

-Lombardi, as always, crushed this workout and all PAX


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