Fat Tuesday Warm-Up


CONDITIONS: 59 degrees, cloudy and humid, SSW 5-7kts

PAX: Brutus, Earhart, Gekko (RR), Spaulding (R), Clancy, Chumbucket, Eli (R), Tubbs, Ambien (R), Spaghetti-O, Squid (r)-QIC

SPECIAL NOTE: #TYC SF did not show; speculation says it was in the back of Schnitzel’s SUV, parked in his driveway, because he was busy planning an impromptu Fat Tuesday 2nd F lunch. The SF from #TheBrig was planted, in its stead.

DISCLAIMER: Q is not trained of certified, you’re here at your own risk.


SSH x 25

AC x 15fwd, x15 rev

OC x15

TTT x 10

HB x 15

IW x 15


Mosey to playground where all PAX plank on line, rotating on the pull up bars until each has completed one max set.

Mosey to the fountain. Utilizing Main St, we will work individually.

AYG to the speed bump, Burpees x 3 and then Mosey to far stop sign. AYG back to speed bump, Burpees x 3, Mosey to fountain.

Merkins x 10, BBSU x 20, Flutters x 30

Rinse & Repeat (every three rounds, rotate exercise/reps, ie: BBSUx10/Fluttersx20/Merkinsx30 then FluttersX10/MerkinsX20/BBSUX30.

On the Q’s call, Mosey to play ground, 3 Point Plank on line, rotate onto Pull Up bar and all PAX complete one max set.

Mosey to circle, Flutters x 30. DONE.



-CSAUP coming up Sat 2/20: 0700hrs at #TheBrig, making our way to #TheYachtClub, breakfast to follow.

-Train for P200, legs should be finalized in the coming week…maybe. If you want to overnight in Charleston after the race, look for an email from Spaulding regarding room discounts and group dinner opportunity.

-Two alternates are already in play for the P200, more could be needed. Commit if interested, you CAN do it, you have FAR more inside than you think. Tubbs is giving serious consideration to maybe being an alternate, sometime.

-Prayers for fatherly wisdom, discernment, and patience in dealing with the 2.0s as they transition and grow.


This morning was light on mumblechatter, mainly due to the work out construct. That is a downside to individual effort spread across a 100yd area. Though humid, it was nice to be in the gloom with no rain. YHC apologizes for the boring nature of the workout. Moving slowly, I don’t want to hamper your progress by making you wait for too long on the six so I usually plan something where everyone can push/grow and stay in some sort of proximity to our brothers. THANK YOU for pushing hard and encouraging one another. Thank you for encouraging me. Every day that I spend surrounded by men like you makes me a better man.

As always, it’s an honor to lead,

Squid, OUT

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