DATE: 2/11/21

CONDITIONS: 55 degrees, light fog, wet.

PAX: Swanson, Peanut, Ray, Cowbell, SMCG (Respect), Shocker, Ball Cock, Adidas, Sawed Off (QIC)

DISCLAIMER: Not a trained professional, exercise at your own risk. Push yourself, push the man next to you. Don’t get hurt, improvise where necessary.


SSH x 15IC

Seal Jack x 15IC

Smurf Jack x 15IC

Plank Jack x 15

Al Gore x 15IC (hold)

BBQ Squats x 15IC

Jump Squats x 15

Drydocks x 15



Post up at half wall, climb a dip/incline merkin ladder to 15 and back down again..

Mosey to far end of parking lot.

PAX line up shoulder to shoulder and commence in lunge walk to first parking spot divider, 1 squat. Lunge walk to next, 2 squats. Lunge to next, 3 squats. Rinse and repeat until 5:55am.

Mosey to pad.


Flutters x 30IC




YHC apologizes for giving the rallying cry to recapture #theBuck flag from #theBrig and not showing. An unexpected early morning trip to Georgetown beckoned.


Donna unfortunately was not able to obtain a cancer drug and is now being sent home for hospice care. TAPs for peace and comfort. (SMCG)

The Williams family just lost their matriarch, who happened to be a caretaker of the patriarch. TAPs for guidance and comfort. (Peanut)

For a variety of circumstances, Jordan elected to decline a kidney transplant opportunity. TAPs for peace and understanding. (Sawed Off)


Admittedly, YHC walked on to the pad this morning with no plan other than to fill 45 minutes by whatever means necessary.

Cowbell was a little salty about YHC missing #theBrig field trip yesterday morning. Apparently, Wednesdays are now run days over there, and Cowbell hitched his wagon to a couple of “fast guys.” He warns to steer clear of a guy named Mini Van and Steve.

The Mrs. Swanson references are starting to get pretty flagrant. I think Mr. Swanson likes it.

T-Claps to Adidas for putting in the EC effort before posting.

Lombardi certainly left his mark on the PAX Tuesday morning. Grump mumblechatter was still circulating.

In hindsight, perhaps the 20 rung ladder and the length of the parking lot were a bit ambitious. #theBuck has not been an easy place to post this week.

YHC was a bit spacy this morning. Last night was a long one as my family was forced to review and make a difficult decision. I’ve got great admiration and appreciation for the brothers that surrounded me this morning and allowed me the opportunity to be vulnerable. Men were not created to take on life alone and I cannot be more thankful for the tribe that I am member of, that lifts me up, hold me accountable and makes me better.

Always a pleasure to lead.

Sawed Off out.

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