You can do anything for 60 seconds, or less

PAX: SMKG (Respect), Ball Cock, Shocker, Jeter, Elite, Cowbell, Marilyn Monroe, Cable Guy (Respect), Stones, Peanut, Hackey Sack, Sawed Off, Swanson, Lombardi QIC.

Conditions: 50 and perfect

Disclaimer: Not a trained professional, modify as needed.

Warmup: All done 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest.

Jog in place

Alternating side lunge

Air press

Inch worm merkin

Butt kicks

Windmill toe touch (Fast Abe Vigoda)

Arm circles Forward

Plank jack merkin

High Knees

Imperial Walker’s

Arm circles Backwards



Mosey to front of school wall. 3 rounds 60/45/30 seconds

London Bridge

Dolphin Knee Drop

Mosey to LCC Each PAX take a block.

Straight Leg BBSU w/block straight up 60sec

Standing Oblique Crunch w/block 30sec ea side

Take a block from a PAX for a Front load or Farmer’s Carry around 1st cut through, 2 blocks while blockless PAX plank. Switch

Elf on the shelf 30sec ea side

Blocks finished.

Mosey towards the AO, stop in grassy area by parking lot.

Plank up side crunch challenge 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 (10 plank ups right, 10 left then 10 side crunch right, 10 left, 20 count down)

Mosey to AO for 45 second flutters



Need a traveling posse to head to

the Brig Wednesday to retrieve the BUCK flag.

Prayers: Unspoken


The warm up seemed pretty quite to YHC, chatter didn’t seem to take place till the 3rd set.

You’re all going to learn to love the London Bridge, even if the wall is a cheese grater!

Need an F3 name for that Dolphin Knee Drop??

Swanson must have thought the heavy/farmer’s carry was still a 60 second round. He took off with 2 blocks faster than hauling two butts to the smoker.


20-18-16- ect Plank up side crunch for time is YHC favorite thing to challenge himself at the end of his core day. What number did you make it to

Great work men!

As always, it’s a honor to lead and a pleasure to follow.


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