Danger Zone

PAX: 16- QIC: Adidas, Hacky Sack, Swanson, Shocker, Cable Guy(Respect), Gata, Yukon, Paladin, Kiffin, Peanut, SMKG(Respect), Sawed Off, McFlurry, Tweak, Ball Cock, Handy Manny

Conditions: 48, clear, windy, full moon

Disclaimer: push yourself, push demand to your right and left, don’t get hurt!

Mosey to auditorium next to bud loop for Warm O Rama:

Danger Zone- Perform SSH to Danger Zone. Every time you hear “Danger Zone” PAX does single squat. Resume SSH throughout. 3:30 minutes of SSH with occasional squat. 

Main Thang:

Team tire races:

Divide PAX into 4 teams. Each team must push tire, racing the other teams around the bus loop. If tire falls on its side, perform 5 burpee penalty. 

Loosing team performs penalty exercise while winning team “recovers”

Losing team exercises: 10 burpees

Winner exercises: plank/SSH

Round 1 and 3: push tire

Round 2 and 4: flip tire

Mosey to main entrance for:

Doggie Paddle: IC

On hands and knees, extend right arm and left leg(1), return to hands and knees(2), extend left arm and right leg(3), return to hands and knees(4)= 1 complete exercise. 

Mosey to flag

Mary: 20 Flutters IC



Sell Swansons Butts. Need a strong push as we are getting close to the big day. 

Sign up to rub Swansons butts



Hacky Sack’s friend Ron


I think you all really love tires just as much as I do. 

Swanson finally caught on to the Doggie Paddle at rep 18. 

Danger Zone might be worse than The Motivator. 

PAX might be moved to reenact Grease when they realize Sawed Off is wearing yoga pants. 

Did I mention Sawed Off was wearing yoga pants? His wife’s yoga pants! 

T-Claps to the new guys for coming back into the gloom and making the commitment to get better. 

YHC loves the team work involved in a workout like today. Nothing better than helping be a part of putting in the work and getting it done. It’s a true pleasure men! 


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