Super 21

Date: 1/20/21

PAX: Gambit, Big Spur, Judge Judy (MOB Cotters), Peaches, Sawed Off, Deuce Bigalow, Lava Fish, Swanson, McFlurry, GATA, Kiffin, Gas Mask, PJ, Lombardi (respect), Cowbell, Buckeye – QIC

Conditions: 46 and perfect for GOOD burpees

16 PAX made their way into the gloom for some upper body and core work.

Disclaimer: YHC is not paid, trained, and lacks skill, you are exercising at your own risk, look out for each other. Modify as needed.


SSH x 20 IC, one GOOD burpee, Imperial Walker x 20 IC, one GOOD burpee, Seal Jack x 15 IC, one GOOD burpee, Predator Jack x 10 IC, one GOOD burpee, Plank Jack x 10 IC, one GOOD burpee, TTT x 15 IC, one GOOD burpee, Rapid Fire SSH x 20 IC, one GOOD burpee.


PAX remain circled up around the shovel flag for:

Super 21 – Also one of YHC’s favorites

PAX start out with 1 merkin, 1 ab exercise, and 1 SSH IC and work their way together up to 21 reps of each. Breakdown is as follows with several PAX calling out cadence on the Side Straddle Hops:

Reps 1-5: Diamond Merkin, Crunchy Frog IC, SSH IC

Reps 6-10: Hand Release Merkin, American Hammer IC, SSH IC

Reps 11-15: Wide Merkin, Big Boy Situp, SSH IC

Reps 16-20: Regular Merkin, LBC, SSH IC

Rep 21: GOOD Burpee, Flutter Kick IC, SSH IC

Thru the Tunnel x 21 IC

PAX complete Super 21 a little quicker than anticipated so PAX make their way around the paved path at a fast pace for 0.3 miles and circle back up around the shovel flag for:

Squat Clock turning to the right and PAX run the squat clock back turning to the left for total of 100 squats.


Seal Jack x 15 IC and DONE


Minimal running today at the #MOB but PAX got after it with some GOOD burpees and a lot of merkins. Super 21 will test your upper body strength. Total rep count for Super 21 is 231 reps of each exercise.

Prayers for our nation and a peaceful transfer of leadership later today.

Prayers for Peaches’ M and Peaches as the arrival of their 2.2 is planned for tomorrow.

Great mummblechatter and great group of fellas out there this morning at the #MOB. Continue to EH guys out to the workouts and step up to Q or even CO-Q a workout. There will never be a workout more jacked up than ClusterBuck so there really is nothing to be concerned about. #askgambit

As always, and honor and pleasure to lead this group this morning. #ISI

Buckeye Out

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