Open Q sheet

PAX: Peaches (QIC), Lombardi (Respect), Cable Guy (Respect), Buckeye, Gas Mask, Blindside (Kotters), Sweeney (Kotters), Ballcock, Hairclog, Deuce Bigalow

Conditions: 45 no wind or scheduled Q

Disclaimer: YHC had the flag from Saturday, he planted it and offered the Q to any willing PAX, no one answered so he assumed the position.


TTT x 10 IC

SSH x 25 IC

AC x 15 IC both ways

IW x 10 IC

Hill Billys x 10 IC

Mosey to the Bridge, Lunge Walk it, Mosey on to the Church

Thang: Traveling BOMBS Stack

Burpee, Overhead Press, Merkin, Bobby Hurley, Squat

Start at Waters and Calhoun with 5 of the above exercise and move to the next intersection adding 5 reps each time.

Allen/Calhoun 10 BOMBS

Bridge/Calhoun 15 BOMBS

Green/Calhoun 20 BOMBS

Lawrence/Calhoun 25 BOMBS

Lawton/Calhoun 30 BOMBS

Mosey to the Bridge, Lunge Walk it and mosey on to the Flag.

If we would’ve Skipped Green street and kept going we would’ve made it to Highway 46, so lets do 35 at the Flag.

35 Burpees IC called by YHC, Buckeye, Gasmask and Ballcock

35 Overhead Press IC called by YHC

35 Merkins IC called by YHC and Ballcock




-Pork Butts

-Sign up to Q


-Lombardi showed appreciation for support during his marathon and prayers for all affect by COVID including a mild case he suffered


-Sweeney cut a deal with his pops (who was in the fartsack this am) whoever posts at the MOB gets to drive the nicer truck that day. Sweeney is riding in style today, Dabo, not so much.

-Gas Mask with the #Rapidfire Cadence for the last 10 burpees. About crushed me

-Green street was proven again to not be a real street.

-Deuce Biglow was upset there was not more running this am, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

-Today was the 1st and last time I’ll call Bobby Hurley’s

-Even after his Marathon Saturday, Lombardi still made this WO look easy. #Quadzilla

Always a pleasure to Lead!

Peaches out!

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