21 for a Great 2021

Weather: 40 and clear, lots of star gazing opportunites

Pax: Snipe, Spagetti-O, JV, Spaulding , Clancy, Gekko, Musk, Chumbucket, Radar (Q)

Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger, and faster today, modify if your need to.

Warmup: TTTx10, SSHx10, IWx10, MPx10

Mosey to multi-level parking deck and back to park.

The Thang:

Pair up and run circuit around park with 6 stations doing 21 reps each, mosey between stations

  • Pull-ups at bike rack
  • Dips at pavilion
  • Durkins at marsh side benches
  • Balls to wall at restroom (count 21 seconds)
  • Leg lifts at monkey bars
  • Box Jumps at fountain

Sprint to bike racks and continue circuit

No Mary

Announcements: Sell pork butts for P200 fundraiser, this is our only fundraiser for the year. Lowcountry P200 meeting tonight at Dispensary. HHI P200 team meeting on Monday @ Spaulding’s office. If not signed up to run, show up and learn about joining a team or become an alternate before JV snipes you for an ultra team.

Prayer/Praises: Many brothers on the DL, prayers for healing and quick recovery. Hermanos surgery next week. Hardhat’s MiL healing and comfort. All those suffering through illness, financial and emotional distress. Thanks for all HIS blessings.

Moleskin: While parking garage can be a welcome site on a colder morning, it is confusing why we left so early. Gekko said there were certain rules while using the garage, like prohibiting reverse bear crawls. Star gazing would have been better without pull-ups at bike rack. Clancy reminded us that staying off the internet is safer.

Great push by all finishing more laps than expected! We can and will make this 2021 year great…it starts with us.

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