Thigh Master

January 13, 2021

Weather: mid 40’s, clear, still air, great morning

PAX: MiniVan(QR), Spaulding(R), Chumbucket, Radar, Brutus, Hardhat

Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger, and faster today.

Warmup: TTx10ic, IWx10ic, Carioca 50yds out and back

  • The Thang: Each PAX gets a bike tube from Spaulding
    • Mosey to corner of School Rd and Wilborn Rd
      • All exercise done in cadence
      • 10 x right leg resistance
      • 10 x left leg resistance
      • 10 x butterfly (Suzanne would have been proud)
    • Hard run on Wilborn to next intersection of School Rd
      • About 6/10 of a mile
      • 10 x right leg raise resistance
      • 10 x left leg raise resistance
      • 10 x right leg hamstring resist
      • 10 x left leg hamstring resist
    • Indian Run to next corner
      • Rinse and repeat above
    • Indian Run to shovel flag
      • 1 Musk “hot lap”
      • Finish with 2 minutes of “mosey” pace
  • No Mary
  • Announcements: Sell Butts, find a FNG or a PAX that is missing, P200 meetings (Thursday for all of F3 Lowcountry, Monday evening for HHI P200 Teams), 2nd run(3-5 miles) on Friday evening followed with beverages (More info to come) Need to increase our mileage and double up some days for training
  • Praises/ Prayers: Hardhat MIL dealing with cancer, she is moving in them, for her comfort and peace for Bryan and Ann for comfort, peach and strength. HHI PAX as lots of injuries going around, Covid is getting closer to everyone (friends, relatives, kids)

Moleskin: Suzanne Somers would have been proud of this workout. We are all certified “thigh masters” after today. Hardhat likes to place the valve stem of the inner tube in a particular place when using. Radar looks younger with a freshly shaven face and tight haircut (he’s faster too) Discussion of posters in your rooms (Farrah Fawcett and Suzanne Somers led to the respect PAX, Pamela Anderson to those younger PAX) Hardhat was wondering what posters we currently have in our rooms…

Good work today guys for a different “experimental” Q today. Lots of stretching today which we normally do not do…

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