PAX:  Eli (R), JV, Radar, Spaulding (R), Big Al, Gekko (Rx2), Spaghettio, Hard Hat, Pound Puppy (V: Chattanooga), Earhart, Nae Nae (QIC)

Conditions:  Mid 40’s, no humidity. Mosey weather

Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, modify as needed, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger and faster today.

Warmup:  TTT x 12, SSH x 25, Michael Phelps x 10

Mosey to Play Ground

20 Pullups OYO


Comfortable run from the pull up bars to the fuel dock. Once there, 20 squats, followed by some quad/hamstring stretches.

Mosey to King Neptune

More stretching of the hamstrings & glutes

Mosey to the fountain

Calf & groin stretches

Circle Up…Recover


Mary -What’s the point


Pork Butts. Sell, buy & volunteer


Pound Puppy (Chattanooga) had a friend (Brad: 38) passed away yesterday from COVID

Tilton family hoping to get dad out of the hospital today from COVID 


With all of the injuries that have been plaguing the TYC lately, I decided that a easy run, with a couple of stops was just the ticket. At the first stop, it was crystal clear that this group needs more stretching in our lives. At the 2nd stop, I think the group (me) started to figure out the through the leg glute stretch.

Given everything that has gone on this past year and especially yesterday, something stood out, that I typically don’t think about. Men engaged in casual conversation about family & life in general. While I always enjoy a good, physical beat down, being able to slow down, relax and enjoy getting your head right.

While Gekko has been out of the running game for a while, he did a great job and I feel he’ll be running 1/2 marathons in no time.

Lastly, Hard Hat finally showed up one of my workouts and for that, I thank him.

-As always, it’s a pleasure to get to work out with you men!

-Nae Nae

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