QIC:  Swanson

PAX:  Cable Guy (Respect), Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher (Respect), Cowbell, Sawed Off, Monroe, Harbaugh!, Ballcock, Hackysack, Lombardi (Respect)

Conditions:   37 degrees, and Ballcock was sleeveless.

Disclaimer: Not a trained professional, push yourself, push the man next to you, modify where necessary. Don’t get hurt,


TTT x 10 IC

HB x 10 IC

Windmills x 10 IC

IW x 15 IC


YHC always promises no burpees (check) and always gives choices (check). The choice was ‘up’ or ‘down’. The PAX chose up.

Mosey to the main entrance of the school to start. At each intersection/driveway, the PAX will perform the following.

10 Merkins, 20 Squats & 30 LBCs

The PAX proceeded to HE McCracken and Buckwalter Parkway, up Buckwalter to Bluffton Parkway. The PAX performed an additional 20 Monkey Humpers, Wet Wipes was missed at this point. Next to the main entrance for HHCA, then to the improved intersection at Masters Way. An additional 20 Monkey Humpers were performed (still missed Wet Wipes).

YHC wanted to introduce all of the PAX to my girlfriend Cindy and her sisters. We stopped for 2 rounds of the following.

20 Overhead Presses while on your six with your legs raised up (Crowd Pleaser), 20 Curls and 20 Behind the head curls.

Next was an Indian Run back to the Pad for some Mary (she’s not pointless).


Flutters 10 x IC, Freddie Mercury’s 10 x IC, Pickle Pointers 20 x IC, and American Hammers 15 x IC



Announcements – Sell Butts and Sign Up to Help

Prayer Requests – Hackysack’s Friend Ron – (Cancer), Adidas’ Friend Rick – (Passed), Our Country as a whole.


As stated above, I always give choices, and I think that the PAX were perplexed when they said up and we just started running.

It’s the 2nd post of Monroe, he did a great job keeping up and it’s always great to see the PAX circle around to pick up the six.

Plenty of mumble chatter once the Monkey Humpers showed up.

During the COT, our Nantan said it best, that we must all continue to strive to have leadership with virtue, which was seriously lacking in Washington yesterday. We must all continue to be leaders and be the best we can be any every aspects of our lives.

The choices that we make every single day affect those that are around us, so please pay attention to your choices.

Swanson Out.

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