Schnitzel would have been mad!


46 Degrees and perfect for a run.

On Deck: Spaulding, Brutus, Mini Van, Eli, Nae Nae, Earhart, Hard Hat (Qic)

Warm Up: 10 windmills, 10 TTT, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Arm Circles both directions.

The Thang: A decision was made to introduce a modified run day at the Brig on Wednesdays to allow additional mileage in preparation for the P200. Seven Pax took off into the darkness down Main Street and each Pax was tasked with a stop to conduct an exercise of their choice with 21 reps each. After reaching the end of Main Street we circled the hospital complex and landed on Beach City Road. We then ran the bike path along hwy 278 until we reached the entrance to the Brig. In all we ran about 4.75 miles. I thought the course was only about 3.5.

Stop 1 – Spaulding, SSS

Stop 2 – Nae Nae, sumo squats

Stop 3 – Hard Hat, leg lifts

Stop 4 – Eli, jump squats

Stop 5 – Earhart, pickle pointers

Stop 6 and 7 – didn’t happen

No time for Mary and announcements but always time for a prayer.

Moleskin- Perfect morning for a run and Nae Nae led the way. At one point we noticed his running tights had a python skin pattern. This will be discussed at the next F2 to see if these are allowable under the F3 codes of conduct. Brutus was hurt this morning but finished the entire run. He was tough as nails! Spaulding showed up after being up late after monitoring the Georgia special election. All I could think about was how disappointed Schnitzel would have been with finishing about 15 minutes late this morning. We all survived and my preparation will be on par next time. Always a pleasure Men!

Hard Hat Out!

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