PAX: Peaches (QIC) Sawed Off, Squealer, Golden T, Adidas, Lombardi (Respect), Jethro, Get After Their Asses (FNG)

Conditions: 63 and rainy

Disclaimer: WO at your own risk


Flutters x 20 IC

Dirty Dogs x 10 IC both ways

TTT x 10 IC

Arm Circles x 11 IC both ways

Squats x 10

Mosey to Prichard/Bridge 10 Squats OYO

Mosey to Bridge and Lunge Walk across

Mosey to WFP (Wright Family Park)

DORA 1-2-3-4 Partner A runs the Oyster Shell Path and Partner B does Exercises, keep going until cumulative number of below exercises are complete.

100 SSH 4 count

200 Dips on the benches

300 Squats

400 Airpresses

Mosey to Calhoun/Bridge and do Burpees while waiting for the six

Mosey to Dubois Park and do Burpees while waiting for the six

PAX do Burpees while each PAX individually does MAX rep pull ups.

Mosey to “The Rate” do Lunges waiting for the six and listen to Adidas describe the different Go/Grow Rucks while Lombardi pops a woody

Mosey to Bridge and Lunge walk Across

Mosey to Prichard/Bridge and do 50 Merkins per Golden T

Mosey to the Virtual Shovel Flag


Flutters x 20 IC




-Try to mix up exercises in the New Year, the Exicon is full of options

-Welcome FNG Dan Utley aka Get After their asses (GATA)




-Sawed of left 30 minutes early to get ready to go to the Hair Salon?

-Squealer left the flag in his garage to hold himself accountable to come Monday, great thinking

-Big Spur was the only PAX that celebrated News Years Day and couldn’t make it out this am. #beautysleep

-FNG GATA was struggling like we all did on our first day but wasn’t about to quit, great work! Keep coming back, they don’t get any easier you just get stronger.

-Lombardi crushed this workout just like every other and followed it up with a 2 hour taper run. #beast

-T-Claps to Adidas for posting 6 for 6 at every AO in the Lowcountry, good work!

Happy New Year!

Peaches out

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