Welcome Back OR not…

Posted on  by MiniVan in The Brig

DATE: 12/29/2020

PAX: Spicoli (QR), Schnitzel(R), Gecko(R), MiniVan(R), Bartman(R), Ambien(R), Tubbs, Singlet, FishStix, NaeNae, Spaghettio,

Weather: lower 40’s brisk clear morning

Intro: “Been a while since I’ve led… What do we do here?” This was the beginning of a downward slide in Spicoli’s “comeback” Q

Warmup: TTTx10ic, SSHx20ic, ACFx10ic, ACBx10ic

  • The Thang:
    • 50 burpess at stage
    • 50 derkins at circle
    • 50 pull ups at playground
    • 50 dips at fountain
    • Rinse & Repeat, decreasing reps by 10 with each lap
  • All got into 20’s some into 10’s and Bartman & FishStix (of course) completed all
  • Mosey back to SF
  • Mary (no time)
  • Announcements: New Years Eve beatdown starts at 6:30am – 1 hour then coffee
    • Bartman with the Saturday Q. Show up and support your fellow PAX before he heads to Chicago to help with family
  • Prayers/ Praises: Bartman heading to Chicago on Sunday
  • Moleskine: Tubbs trying to figure out what “this sounds like fun” means, Spicoli (not having done anything other then eat and drink red wine since Thanksgiving) thought it would be a good idea to lead this welcome back Q… He was wrong. Spicoli was introduced to “screw the Q” chant around the 40th burpee, Singlet not sure he will be able to keep up with all the young guns skiing this year

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