The Loop of Trust

Date: 12/17/2020

QIC:  Sawed Off

PAX:  Whip, Kiffin, Roker, Judy, Swanson, Cable Guy, Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher, McFlurry, Cowbell, Adidas, Sawed Off (QIC)

Conditions:   43 degrees, low cloud ceiling

Disclaimer: Not a trained professional, push yourself, push the man next to you, modify where necessary. Don’t get hurt, let’s roll.


TTT x 15 IC

HB x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

15 Squats OYO

LBAC x 15 IC, Reverse x 15 IC

Helos x 15 IC

15 Merkins OYO

The Motivator

Mosey to path on Buckwalter, head south.


Objective is to execute a strong workout and get to know our brothers beyond the surface level. At each stop, 1 PAX will intro, provide name, age, F3 name, one personal truth that others may not know, and suggest an exercise. PAX age determines the reps. Continue along the H.E. McCracken loop.

WILL JOHNSON / 37 / SAWED OFF / CAROLINA DRY DOCKS – YHC is originally from Atlanta, GA.

ZACH YELTON / 36 / KIFFIN / BIG BOYS – Kiffin likes big boys, and “big boys.”

JAKE URBAN / 31 / ROKER / MERKINS – Roker is a full time meteorologist for the USMC and a part time principle at a small private school.

NICK FLEURY / 39 / MCFLURRY / SQUATS – McFlurry was the inspiration for “the Truffle Shuffle” featured in the 80’s cult classic, The Goonies. The original version however was an interpretation of Pee Wee Herman’s tequila dance which ultimately led to a free ice cream.

SWANSON / 43 / KEVIN ICARD / MONKEY HUMPERS – Swanson chooses each day to be a HIM because he knows first hand what a life without virtue looks like.

WHIP / 39 / ERIC CLARK / BURPEES – Whip is a preacher, has four kids, a smokin’ hot wife (say this in Ricky Bobby accent) and used to love people.

COWBELL / 46 / JIM SCOTT MIDDLETON / SSH – The name is Jim Scott, its a product of the Mississippi Delta and that’s all we’re gonna say about it. He runs two businesses – a timber company and a fishing charter, he’s got two girls, one of which is driving now and he loves people; he just doesn’t want to talk to them.

PAUL KIEFER / 46 / ADIDAS / FLUTTERS – Originally from Long Island, middle of 5 children and had a propensity to seek attention. Once such act resulted in a number of rocks being shoved in to his ear and a need for medical attention to remove them. His mom kept them.

MARK BERGLIND / 40 / JUDGE JUDY / LBCs – Somehow, some way Judy has managed to spend only one night in jail throughout his life. While there was no stated reason as to why he was detained, speculation among the group is that Judy also imitated Pee Wee Herman, albeit in a very different manner than did McFlurry.

SMCG / 54 / MARK KAY / OVERHEAD PRESSES – This went on for about five minutes, but the gist is that SMCG has no aversion to wearing ladies clothing and prancing around for the benefit of the Catholic Church. Did I get that right?

CABLE GUY / 53 / BENNY MULLINS / CAROLINA DRY DOCKS – “This one time in Myrtle Beach…” Cable Guy was a Navy Brat, was raised in Charleston but spent some formative years in Hawaii as well. Has two children, one at USCB and one at Bluffton High (F3 Checkers).

Mosey back to pad.


Announcements – if you can, if you are willing, please consider supporting a child or family in need this holiday season. There are many great organizations providing opportunities.

Prayer Requests – James from Columbia battling COVID.


The Motivator did not motivate. Upon announcement of the exercise, one PAX sternly said “no.”

Swanson’s squat form is in question and his offerings to “spot” border on sexual harassment.

SMCG will from here forth be provided either a time limit or word count. By the way, welcome back. It’s good to have you back in the gloom.

There were a few grumbles and concerns about age determining number of reps. All were pleased that Goose did not post today.

Early in the workout, Roker demanded that a detailed backblast be written. By end of workout, he backtracked stating that a detailed backblast could very well equate to my last day as Nantan.

Whip’s new dislike of people was evident upon announcement of 39 burpees. He would not haven taken home the Mr. Popularity trophy this morning.

Sparrow, next time.

Ran a few minutes late today, my apologies.

Christmas is getting close. Gifts are being bought. Plans are being made, amended, cancelled, etc. Year-end is approaching for many professional objectives and jobs. There’s a lot of distractions around us each day. Don’t forget the reason for the season.

It’s been a few weeks since I lead, but again, I enjoyed everything about it today. You guys are the reason that I get out of bed in the morning. Getting in shape is just an ancillary benefit. It’s a please to post along side you.

Sawed Off out!

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