21 Guns

Date: 11/11/2020

QIC:  Buckeye

PAX:  Deuce Bigalow, McFlurry, Gambit, Big Spur, Ballcock, Peaches, Buckeye – QIC

Conditions:  Summertime humidity in November

Disclaimer: YHC is your Q, YHC is not paid, trained and lacks skill.  You at exercising are your own risk.


-Seal Jack x 15 IC

-Imperial Squat Walker x 10 IC

-Smurf Jack x 10 IC

-TTT x 10 IC

-ATM’s x 10 IC

-SSH Rapid Fire x 20 IC


“A 21 Gun Salute on Veteran’s Day”

-PAX mosey the long way from the AO to the shrimp boat park for:

21 Guns:

21 minute AMRAP of the following:

21 Merkins, 21 Jump Squats, 15 Burpees, 9 Pull-ups

Run around the new park and rinse and repeat for 21 minutes.



Need air please!

TTT x 10 IC

Indian Water Run back to corner of Bridge and Pritchard. Good call by Peaches.

Mosey back to Shovel Flag for:

5 MOM:

-World War I Sit-up x 10 IC

-World War II Sit-up x 10 IC

-Seal Jack x 10 IC

-Flutter kick x 10 IC and DONE



#negativeair out there

-Happy Veteran’s Day and after the completion of the training and the virtual Marine Corps Marathon it was good to be back in the Q-Spot.

-Thanks for the push fellas, great work by all!

-As always, an honor and pleasure to lead.

Buckeye Out

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