Hidden Foundation. Hackey Sack VQ

PAX: Hackey Sack VQIC, Adidas, Ball Cock, SMKG(respect), Cable Guy(respect), Swanson, Hopper(Cotter), Shocker, Jeter, Jack Sparrow, Wet Wipes

Conditions: Chilly and breezy with shooting stars.

Warm o Rama:

Side straddle hops


Alt tor touched
little baby arm circles Fwd/back/bent

Partner up

2pullups/Superman air pull-ups

4 sets
Mosey to wall
Elevated pickle pointers/balls to the wall
4 sets
In honor Best B side hit ever “We will Rock you” Mosey to the church to pick up some rocks

partner with coupon/Rock 1:2 punch

100 merkins/200 bent row

100 squats/200 Weighted Deadlifts

100 Weighted LBC/200 Weighted pickle pointers
Partner runs with the coupon if it’s not used in the exercise.

Mosey to the pad
20 pickle flutters in cadence
10 dirty dogs in cadence.

Hoppers company was awarded BC contract for the year, great praise.
Talk to Adidas about upcoming ruck events

Theme was Backside work. It’s easy to work the front/what everyone sees. But we need others in our life to point out our backside weaknesses. We will only be as strong as our hidden foundation.

Hackey Sack Out

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