7 Pax Present (Adidas, Sawed Off, Kiffen, Big Spur, Peaches, Mcflurry) on a 42 degree morn.


Warm Up: SSH, TTT, 20 Squats

Mosey to Shrimp Factory Park.

Mosey along all 4 corners. 10 burpees x 2. 20 squats x 2

Timed Mile. All Pax are encouraged to push themselves for time.
**Mcflurry ran a 7:10. All Pax finished under or near 8:00 min mile.

Thang: Treatment plan for man boobs.
Feet on Curb (6 in):

10 Merkins
Tempo Merkins x 6
Diamond Merkins
Ranger Merkins
Merkins (One Leg Off Ground x 4)
Wide Merkins (Move in 2 inches per x 3)
Tempo Merkins
Merkins (One Leg Off Ground x 4)
Clapping Merkins
Merkin Hold 1/2 way down x2
Merkin Hold 1 inch from ground x 2
10 Merkins

Mosey back to AO:

Finish with unwanted chest destruction.

Peaches was overdressed.
Big Spur is funnier than Stones on Wednesdays.
Kiffen is in shape….can’t stand that guy lol.
Mcflurry pulled a 7:10 mile this morning. This made him delirious and he felt a name change was appropriate.

Work was done, and chests were busted.
Announcements: Today is last day to push food for Thanksgiving F3 outreach.


Whip out.

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