Food Drive WOD Q/ #22KILL

All PAX must bring food donation or pay penalty during workout! YHC did not inflict penalties. 

PAX: SMKG(respect), Jeter, Sawed Off, Hackey Sack, Striper(downrange- F3 Alpha), Adidas(QIC)

Warm O Rama: 


Arm circles 12 forward, 12 reverse IC

Max Pull Ups

Mosey short lap and return to canned goods/food donations. 

Partner up. Each team must carry food at all times. (Extra large can of beans, two large cans of green beans, four pack of canned corn)

BLIMPS with food. Partner one Run/carry food during parking lot loop while partner two performs exercise. 



Imperial Walkers


Plank Jax


Mosey to benches behind school. 

Partner one 22 step ups, partner two overhead press with food. The hard way. Rinse and repeat. 

10 count

Mosey back to parking lot for short run BLIMPS repeato. 

Mosey back to pad for Mary. 

5MOM: All performed with food donations. 22 Flutters IC, 22 LBC OYO, 22 Pickle Pointers, 22 American Hammers, 22 Flutters. 

Recover, recover/Time


Announcements: Food donations being accepted until the 17th. Region gear still open to order. Get yours before they’re gone.


We should be thankful we have the opportunity to buy extra food for those in need as some cannot buy their own. 

We should always be thankful of our veterans. Carrying canned food during a workout is nothing in comparison the the load and burden they carry. Remeber, 22 Veteran’s a day die by taking their own life due to those burdens. Find a way to support them. 

This was YHC’s 150th F3 post, and 28th Q this year. Original goal was 150/20 foe 2020. I owe it all to you men for keeping me motivated and inspired. 

When QIC and in life, know things don’t always go as planned and you likely will have to call an audible. YHC had to 2X today. Not sure anyone noticed. If you need to adjust to keep the six in range, Leave no man behind. And leave no man where you found him! 

As always, it’s a pleasure to lead! 


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