11/11/20 at The Brig

Conditions:  warm and muggy – 75 degrees and 90% humidity.  Is this November??

Pax:  Minivan, Brutus, Tubbs, Earhart, Nae Nae, Ambien QIC


   20 SSH

   1 burpee  

   20 IW

   2 burpees

   10 TTT

   3 burpees

   ACs x 15 Forward

   4 burpees

   ACs x 15 Backward

   5 burpees

Mosey to HHIHS Parking lot

Hindenburg BLIMPS. Run circuit in square around the parking lot. Each circuit has 4 corners of each exercise:

  Circuit 1:  5 Burpees at each corner

  Circuit 2:  10 lunges at each corner

  Circuit 3:  15 imperial walkers at each corner

  Circuit 4:  20 merkins at each corner

  Circuit 5:  25 plank jacks at each corner

  Circuit 6:  30 squats at each corner

Mosey back to flag


20 BBS

20 V-ups

30 flutter kicks


Prayers for Spaghetti-O dad eye surgery, Ambien’s son’s job search, our country.

Thank you for your service to all of our military pax on this Veteran’s Day. Your service gives us all the freedom we enjoy every day, even if Joe Biden is president:)

Ambien, out.

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