#GiveThanks & #DukeSucks

November is by far my favorite month. Between #sweaterweather, not profusely sweating, Clemson-Carolina football, and Thanksgiving, it doesn’t get much better. This is an opportunity to be reminded of those things.

PAX: Peaches, Buckeye, McFlurry, Cowbell, Ray, Cable Guy (Respect), Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher (Respect), Cockaboose QIC

Conditions: Mid 70’s, slight breeze, more humid than it should in November

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional, modify as needed.


T – TTT x 10 IC

H – High Knees x 20 IC

A – AC x 10 IC, Reverse x 10 IC

N – No Surrender Squat, Left foot lead x 5 IC, Right foot lead x 5 IC

K – Knerkin x 10 IC

S – SSH x 20 IC

The Thang:

Mosey to Pritchard & Bridge, Colt 45 in honor of malt liquor with the fam

Mosey to Bridge & Boundary, Colt 45 again to honor overindulgence

Mosey to Calhoun & Bridge, Temp Merkin x 10

Mosey to Bridge on Bridge, attempt to Duck Duck Goose run to Wharf & Bridge

Thanks must be given, follow G-I-V-E acronym, with hub of Bobby Hurley’s at parking entrance

G – Gorilla Humpers x 20 @ Wharf & Bridge, 10 Bobby Hurley’s at hub

I – Imperial Walkers x 20 (10 each leg) @ Dock, 10 Bobby Hurley’s at hub

V – V-Ups x 20 @ Wharf & Bridge, 10 Bobby Hurley’s at hub

E – Elf on the Shelf x 10 each side (grab riprap), 10 Bobby Hurley’s at hub

Repeat til time, mosey to flag, stop for 6 at intersections



  • Food drive, bring your nonperishable items for Full Tables, Full Hearts
  • SMKG’s daughter is part of a group working to prevent Veteran Suicides, and is doing a 2.2 mile campaign called Hoof it for Heroes. Echo his respects to our PAX Veterans, especially Buckeye
  • Link: https://www.equicenterny.org/hoof-itforheroes
  • Q Sheet at MOB is open, come and get it!




  • Not sure Duck Duck Goose works 8-wide while running. Oh well…
  • Wharf Street appears busier than it should before 6 am
  • Be Thankful!

Boose, Out!

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