Presidential Fitness Test

  • The Brig: 11/4/2020
    • Weather: Clear, crisp cool morning
    • PAX: MiniVan (Q), Schnitzel, Bartman, Goose, Radar, Snipe
  • Intro, disclaimer
  • Warmup
    • TTTx10ic, IWx10ic, HBx10ic, ACFx10ic, ACBx10ic
  • The Thang:
    • Presidential Fitness Test (modified)
    • 3 stops with
      • 1 minute of BBSU
      • 1 minute of Merkins
    • 3 stops with shuttle run
    • 2 stops with AYG pull ups
      • Practice flexibility stretch
    • 2+ miles of run
  • Mary
    • 1 minute of BBSU
    • 1 minute of Merkins
    • 10xACFic & 10xACBic
  • 2nd F lunch 12:30 at Giuseppis Shelter Cover
  • Praises/ Prayers: For our country. Thankful that we have the freedom to vote and choose our leaders. That we will have humble winners and losers.
  • Moleskine: All participating PAX received the Presidential Fitness Challenge Medal (Good work men!) There was no struggle or confusion with counting or exercise description. Flexibility stretch was probably the weakest of all. Small talk on election. JV’s confusing workout yesterday was discussed. Bartman told stories of completing the test in a High School wrestling room and compared himself to Brutus. Look to the East at 5:58pm tonight for some rockets according to Goose.

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