$20 Burpee

The Vote of the Day: Better local comedian: Stones or Swanson?

Pax Present: Sawed OFF, Shocker, Harbaugh, Stones, FNG Doc McStuffins (Steven Tatro), Kiffen, Hackie Sack, Peanut, Jeter, Swanson, Cap, Whip (Q in Comm)

Weather: 37

Warm Up: Plank Stretches + 10 Jump Squats + 10 Merkins

Slow Mosey One Loop of Parking Lot

10 Tuck Jump Burpees
10 Hand Release Burpees
10 Double Merkin Burpees

Partner Up:
partner 1 superman hold while partner 2 does burpee and jumps over partner 1
200 Burpees Total for Each Team

Mosey to end of parking lot:

Rapid Fire Burpees:
Timer is on 30 secs….pick a number and try to get number of BURPEES IN. Goal (10) 3 Rounds of it.

Mosey Back to Pad for Circle of Trust.

Stones brought an FNG. Good work bro!!!!
I feel like anytime there is an FNG Q in command should do their best to make sure that guy is welcomed over and above, gets a good WO, but knows he can modify if needed. We want him to have a take home plate of “God that was tough” but also for him to return.

Crispy Cool morning with all skinny guys dressed opposite of Swanson. Great push by the men this morning with rapid fire burpees! No money was exchange for any Swanson jokes though they are gold.

News and Notes: F3 is raising food items for those in need this Thanksgiving season. Please bring all non-perishable items to WO. You make also contribute other ways as well (See Will Johnson.)

Who is funnier? Stones or Swanson?

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