Will Call it a Ladder!!

PAX: Jeter, Fleek, Shocker, Jack Sparrow, Swanson, Cable Guy (respect),Handy Manny, Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher(respect), Hacky Sack,OJ, Cowbell. FNG Michael, harbaugh!(Q)

Conditions: Humid and Dark with no breeze.

Disclaimer: Not a trained professional workout at your own risk. Modify if needed push the man next to you, make every rep count.

Warm O Rama:


LBAC x 10IC both ways

IW x 10IC

1 Burpee OYO

20 Big Boys OTO

2 Burpees

20 squats OYO

3 Burpees

Mosey to circle at Parking lot

The THANG: A Long Ladder

Pax will stop at various locations of high school and church to inspect the integrity of the ground. Each stop is a different exercise increasing by 10 to 100 then decrease back down to 10

Exercise as follows:

10 Big Boys, 20 Squats, 30 Incline Merkins, 40 Dips, 50 LBC’s, 60 Mountain Climbers (30 each leg), 70 Over head presses, Partner up w/ coupon 80 Triceps’ extensions, 90 Squats with coupon, 100 bicep curls with coupon. One partner runs other partner lifts. 70 Overhead presses, Indian run back to pad 60 Dirty Dogs (30 each leg), 50 LBC, 40 Flutters IC, 30 Air Humpers IC, 20 Back Scratchers IC, 10 Merckins,


5 Burpees

1 min plank

Announcements: CSAUP on Saturday, P200 a go for now. Captains will be reaching out if not on a team contact Judy

Prayer: for our government, unspokent

Mumble Chatter- Welcome FNG Michael F# Sucker

harbaugh! OUT

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