Loaded Dice, AKA “Character Builders”

PAX: Elite, Jeter, SMCG (respect), Chigger, Shocker, Hacky Sack, Ray, OJ, Kiffin, Harbaugh, Stones, Ball Cock, Cable Guy (respect), Cow Bell, Swanson, Sawed Off (QIC).

CONDITIONS: 69 degrees, humid but bearable, waxing crescent.

DISCLAIMER: Not a trained professional, push yourself and the man next to you. Modify where necessary.


SSH x 20 IC

HB x 10 IC

TTT x 10 IC

BAC, Forward/Reverse – 10 IC

Helos – 10 IC

Dirty Dogs, Each Leg – 10 IC

Squats – 25 OYO

Mosey to end of north parking lot.


Bootcamp Dice – one oversize dice has six exercises listed: burpees, mountain climber merkins, commando planks, 123 lunges, jump squat/calf raises and lbc/big boys. Pax run quarter lap and roll the dice, 10 reps of designated exercise. Rinse and repeat.

Mosey back to pad.

Flutters x 30 IC

6″ Hold for 30 sec.



Praise from SMCG for new job that he’ll begin on Monday. T-Claps.

Praise for one of Chigger’s crew testing negative for COVID.

Cow Bell is pumped about the pending rut.

Prayer Requests:

Chigger’s BIL – still dealing with some cancer issues.

Prayers for our country.


  • Braves NCLS loss hangover seems to be dissipating. I’m still bitter. Bellinger can piss off.
  • YHC got right to work in the warm up, group was pretty quiet.
  • 10 reps per exercise seemed innocent enough until PAX went on a 5 straight burpee roll.
  • Commando planks are not a popular option on cheese grater pavement.
  • Lombardi sighting; where’d he come from? Where’s he going?
  • YHC is no longer the tallest guy at the AO. The crown belongs to you Elite.
  • It’s been a while since I had the con. There’s no good excuse as to why, other than apathy. We talk about pushing ourselves prior to every workout, the principle applies to leadership as well. Will be better about this moving forward.
  • Always a pleasure to see you gentlemen at 5:15am.
  • Sawed Off out.

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