Tire Time

8 PAX:  Cable Guy, Elite, Chigger,  Swanson, Adidas, Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher, Hacky Sack, and Jeter with the VQ.

Warm up: 20ct SSH (in cadence), 10ct TTT (in cadence), 20ct Arm Circles fwd followed by 20ct backwards. 15 merkins together (not at your usual pace). 

AMRAP @ Bus Loop

Each person partnered up and grabbed a tire. One person ran the bus loop while their partner completed AMRAP until their partner and the 6 returned. The following the exercises were completed.

  1. Tire flips
  2. Incline Merkins (modified by Holding position or Merkins on the ground)
  3. Jump squats onto the tire (modified by doing alternating step ups)
  4. Dips
  5. Alt. Bulgarian Split Squats (modified by doing alt. lunges)
  6. Decline Plank (modified by doing plank on the ground)
  7. Tire flips

Mosey back to the Pad, where we went through a core finisher involving: 25ct BB, 30 sec. Plank, 15 sec. side plank to each side, 50ct LBC, 25 ct. (in cadence) mountain climbers, 15ct BB, 1 min. Plank.

Closing announcements & prayer: Adidas mentioned a few of our fellow F3 members holding virtual run/ruck events to help support our low country community, one of which will be occurring tomorrow. For more information view the Facebook page. Closing prayers: For Urkel for a speedy recovery and strength during his upcoming Ruck, all of our unspoken prayers, and the mental and physical strength to be strong individuals in our communities.

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