Columbus Day Celebration

8 PAX – Q Sr. MKG (respect), Big Spur, Handy Manny, Peanut, McFluury, Cable Guy (respect), Kippin, Gambit

Disclaimer – Mark Kay (54) a/k/a Sr. Mary Katherine Gallagher, I am not a trained professional, exercise at your own risk, modify when necessary, but push yourself and the guy standing next to you.

Warm up- SSH (25),TTT (20), Arm circles (15 front then repeat backwards

Mosey to the “Thang” – One mile run around the block with the following exercises done y each PAX OYO: 25 merkins, 25 Big Boys (or LBC’s in needed), 25 squats, plank for 6. Rinse at repeat at each corner. Back to circle for Mary.

In honor of Indigenous People Day (Columbus Day for those of us Old, like this guy) on the 12th day of October this year 2020, we will use the following word COLUMBUS to help us acclimate to the Holiday:

C-Chuck Norris Merkins (12 cnt)

O-Overhead Claps (12 cnt)

L – Lunges (12cnt)

U- Up downs (12 cnt) – chop your feet, Qcounts and yells “Down”, chest to the ground, bounce up, rinse repeat until number is completed.

M – Merkins (12 cnt)

B – Big Boys (12 cnt)

U- Up arms overhead (12 cnt) Kind of of like the O we did earlier

S – Sandstorm – For one minute (Q counts)-jumps with hands overhead.

Next, COT exercises by each PAX shouting out and counting for 12 reps. (2 rounds) – DONE


Name -a-rama

Announcements: Q sheet is still in need of volunteers to lead the groups – Please sign up or ber shamed!!

COT Prayer – Prayers for little girl (Lilly) whose cancel is in remission, unspoken and a Thankful Columbus Day prayer for the life we have , the country we love, and the men we fellowship with.

A simply Thank you to all those who came out to the gloom on a Holiday and not fartsacking. Note to self: Don’t exercise in the grass on your six over a red ants nest. It doesn’t end well!!!

Sr. MKG out!

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