Murder Bunny VQ

10.10.20 – The Yacht Club

PAX: JV, Squid (Respect), Big Al, Chumbucket, Goose (Respect x 3), Ambien (Respect), Tucan, Musk (Respect), Shingles (Respect), Spaulding (Respect), Bartman (Respect), Spaghetti-O, Schnitzel (Respect), Hermanos, Tubbs, Radar, Brutus, Earhart (VQ)

Conditions: 70ish with humidity, slight breeze.

Disclaimer: Not a trained professional. Workout at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.

Warm up:
– SSH x 25 IC
– IW x 25 IC
– TTT x 15 IC
– FAC x 10 IC
– RAC x 10 IC
– Long mosey around Kroger to block yard

The Thang: OYO

– 25 Big Boys – Murder Bunny to 25 yd. marker – 50 Merkins – Sprint to start point

– 25 Big Boys – Bear Crawl to 25 yd. marker – Murder Bunny to 50 yd. marker – 50
curl presses – Drop block – Sprint to start

– 25 Big Boys – Bear Crawl to 50 yd. marker – Murder Bunny to 75 yd. marker – 50
bent over rows – Drop Block – Sprint to start

– 25 Big Boys – Bear Crawl to 75 yd. marker – Murder Bunny to 100 yd. marker
finish point – 100 Jump Lunges single count

– Short mosey with block around walk path to start point.

– Rinse and repeat until time.

MOM: None.


– 2nd F Happy Hour w/spouses on Oct 22 at the Marriott Courtyard Roof Top Bar
on Pope Ave.

– Palmetto Dunes Turtle Trot 5K on Thanksgiving morning. $25 entry fee includes
Turtle Trot t-shirt. First couple cases of adult beverages courtesy of Spaulding!!

– CSAUP in Bluffton on Halloween Saturday morning for marathon. Show up and
cheer on the guys and gals running!! Contact JV or Sawed Off for more details.

– The Brig 2 yr. anniversary – Monday 10-12-20.


– Radar’s friend Lilly who is struggling with Leukemia, may her path to recovery
remain on the positive.
– Musk’s son and his continued path of overcoming life’s hurdles and temptations.
Musk reminded us we need to pray and be thankful for the good in our lives.


Great push by all in attendance!! Thank you to those who showed support for my VQ, it was an honor to lead. For the PAX who couldn’t be at TYC due to prior engagements, I know you would have been in the gloom with us.


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