I Thought You Were A Planner

Pax: Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher(Respect), Hostillo, Cow Bell, Cable Guy(Respect), Chigger, Judge Judy, Shocker, Stones, Whippoorwill, Lombardi (Respect), Ballcock, Hacky Sack, Big Spur, Handy Manny, Floride, McFlurry and Swanson (Site Q)

Conditions: 68 Degrees, a few tears from heaven early on

Disclaimer: Not a trained pro. Push yourself, the man next to you, but don’t get hurt.

Warm: TTT IC x 15, Arm Circles IC x 15 (F/R), Imperial Walkers IC x15  

The Thang:

Mosey to wall, for 3 rounds of Balls to the Wall and 20 Dips

Mosey to baseball field for stadium steps, gates are locked, epic fail. Call an audible and run around the back of the School (the long way) to the outside tables.

Seven (7) Rounds of Step Ups (10 Count) and BBSU (15 Count)

Attempt to salvage perfectly planned Q and run to the Track. Gates are locked, epic fail #2

PAX use the ‘open’ field to perform 3 rounds of Bearcrawls, Crabwalks or Lunges before heading back to the Pad.

Since there are no locks on the Pad, PAX perform a 4-square mosey. 4 groups will perform the following exercises at each corner. 1 – 50 Merkins, 2 – 50 Squats, 3 – 50 Monkey Humpers and 4 – 50 Flutter Kicks. (2 Rounds)

2 – MOM – Hello Dolly IC, Air Humpers IC, and Dirty Dogs IC



Prayers for Lombardi – his daughter is going through some depression being at school and a prayers for a family friend that is have similer thoughts. 

Prayers for Shockers mom, having multiple tests run.


  • The Q was supposed to be a day full of stadium work and open fields reliving our High School youth.
  • Apparently, the school doesn’t want 40 to 50 year old men reliving their youth, so they locked all of the gates. Complete fail and the PAX knew it.
  • While running around the building to an area that hasn’t been locked, Ballcock questioned how much of a planner I really am. I then proceeded to remind him, that he comes to me with the plans and I just say if they are good enough. I didn’t hear much from Ballcock after that.
  • Hostillo was sporting his very yellow polo.
  • Stones was asking if Whip needed an agent, turns out his 10 yr old already has the job.

It is always a pleasure to lead this group, even when our bast laid plans go a rye.

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