Obstacles in the way

PAX: Ballcock w/2.0 – Gambit w/2.0 – Sawed off – Chigger – Adidas – Jethro w/2.0 – Cockaboose w/2.0 – Big Spur w/2.0 – Lombardi QIC

Conditions: Perfect IMO, can’t everyday be like this?

Today was a day YHC was scheduled for another OCR that was canceled, known as Rugged Maniac. Rather than do the workout supplied by Rugged Maniac to complete this as a virtual event, YHC decided to put together a small scale obstacle course anyone can do. Modify anything you need, walk past anything you feel is not safe for your 2.0. Any exercises at an obstacle stop should be performed IC, 1=1 for the 2.0.

Warmup: As the lawn crew shows up to cut the grass where several of the obstacle are!

SSH 20x IC – TTT 15x IC – IW 10x IC – LBAC 10x IC F/B

The THANG: Mosey to the basketball court for the start. Total distance 3.3 miles, 20 obstacles.

  1. Parallel bars, feet off the ground
  2. Walk the 3 balance beams
  3. 60 second pole hugger
  4. 25 Merkins IC
  5. 25 Dips IC
  6. Climb playground rock wall, through cargo net to get down
  7. Climb up the slide, through and down the stairs
  8. Low crawl
  9. Tire flip, Large over and back. Medium over and back 2x. small over and back 3x.
  10. Loaded carry around bus loop
  11. 50 step ups or toe taps at bridge
  12. 50 squats IC
  13. Crabwalk
  14. Walk or crawl across the playmotion
  15. Using a swing, 10 pike tucks, 15 rows, 20 curls
  16. Sled drag, option to sit and pull or drag behind you (65lbs)
  17. Bear crawl sandbag drag, option: 20lb, 40lb, 80lb
  18. Battle ropes 30x IC
  19. 50 unbroken jump rope
  20. Cornhole toss, throw a bag, miss the hole, do a burpee. Rinse and repeat until you don’t miss.


Due to the way this was ran, the group all finished at different times so there was no COT, Announcements or Prayer Requests.


Sawed Off can toe tap with the best of them!

Lombardi still hates Crab walks and still lets everyone know that!

Big Spur is the king of Cornhole, no burpees required! But needs more signs to follow.

T Claps to the lawn company for mowing around the stations, but fresh cut grass in not your friend.

It was a pleasure to lead. YHC enjoyed putting this together. Seeing the 2.0’s out there giving it their best at the challenges makes me smile! Let’s do it again.


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