It’s 4th and inches – It’s just a matter of how many inches –

F3 Flag Football October 3rd 2020 6:30am

14 PAX, (1 FNG) – perfect for 7 on 7 !

Q – Squid, Brutus

Temperature – 65 degrees

Field Conditions – Wet and Dark!

Line -7 Explorers

Over/Under 33 points

College Game Day’s Prediction = Dutchmen in a close one over the Explorers.

Injuries of note: Mini-van (Out) back, Schnitzel (Out) Leg, Hermanos (Probable) Groin

The Fall flag football season got underway Saturday October 3rd as The Yacht Club opened under the dim lights of a few parking lot lights. The original Q, Brutus, was still setting up at 6:30am so long time PAX member, Squid took charge and led the 14 PAX (13 regulars & out of towners + one FNG) thru a typical TYC warm up. Thru the Tunnel and other old man stretches were completed. A short lap was completed and the players reconvened on the gridiron (Shelter Cove Park).
Planks were performed ending with some Little Orphan Annies(10).
Some ladder work was done to work on quick feet and loosen up the hips for what was sure to be a high scoring, offensive showcase.
Players earned their playbooks, and belts upon completion of running through the ladder drills. One final big lap around the Shelter Cove park was taken and the game began.
Teams were divided evenly after Goose showed us counting 1, 2 was a better solution than using the Red and Yellow flags which were for some reason 10 to 4. With equal numbers on each side the teams were ready for kickoff. The Dutchmen versus the Explorers. (For a more detailed explanation on the team names you will have to reach out to Hard Hat (who was a soft “yes” on Friday, but a hard “no” when it came time to play on Saturday. We missed you Hard Hat and we saved the ‘Happy Hard Hat’ play for our next game.) The name of the teams is based on a game that Hard Hat plays with his children on long road trips. – You will have to inquire more for the details.
Due to the darkness of the morning playbooks were quickly set aside for a more informal, backyard style that were more suited to the conditions of the field.
Since the football was near impossible to see at the beginning of the game, most players just took their cue from Hermanos who was wearing a bright white All-Star jersey from his playing days in Central Ohio. Whether it was playing at General Sherman or as a Gale while at LHS, Hermanos channeled his inner warrior today at Shelter Cove and seemed ready to dominate.
On the first play we had a near situation that would have ended our folly before it began. FNG, Powder Puff came across the middle to catch a bullet from Nae-Nae but before he could wrap his hands around the pigskin his head found mike linebacker, Goose. Goose was stunned but not enough to take him out for even one play and the Dutchmen seemed to take their lead from Goose’s toughness.
Both teams struggled throwing and catching the soaking wet ball in the dimly lit morning. A few runs helped to move the ball but nothing of significance. Many balls were tipped, nearly intercepted or almost caught but the 1st quarter ended with the score tied 0-0.
Exercises performed at the conclusion of each play can be found at the beginning of this post but it was during this time that we had to back off the defensive three burpees prior to rushing the QB. The burpees were supposed to be performed in a rotating fashion on defense each play but Spaulding did more than his part to ensure a strong pass rush each and every snap.

The second quarter mirrored the first quarter although the breaking dawn over the field allowed each player to see the slick, brown spiraling object before it slipped from their finger tips for incompletion after incompletion. One play of note in the quarter was when the Explorers where threatening to score the games first touchdown from the 20 yard line. Radar ran a post route and the quarterback spotted his lengthy frame sitting just a few yards inside the end zone. However as the ball arrived Radar was knocked down/taken out/mugged (depending on which team you were on) and the pass fell incomplete. Not having Schnitzel to officiate this game was determentrial/beneficial on this play (again depending on which team you were on) The second quarter came to a close with the Michigan Marching Band playing ‘Hail to the Victors’ (on the speaker) and both teams complete their third big lap of the morning.

The halftime show consisted of both teams completing J-Lo’s (both the old J-Lo’s and the new J-Lo’s) and monkey humpers. Another big lap was completed and the second half resumed. By the third quarter there was enough light to see the ball but the numerous drops up to this point had left the ball slick as a buttered eel on a marble floor. A few key interceptions from both teams had the offensive team completing 10 burpees while the intercepting team completed American Hammers, lunges, or plank jacks.
Due to time constraints the big lap was cut to a medium size lap and the time of play was cut from 8 min. running quarters to a 5 min. quarter.
The 4th quarter held more of the same, although some passes were completed, neither team seemed to move the ball very efficiently. Our time was running out and neither side had crossed the endzone. Just as the Ohio State Marching Band began playing ‘Across the Field’ one final play would decide if the game would end in a 0-0 tie or if our gridiron heroes would experience victory. About 5 seconds after the final ‘Waawahh’ alarm sounded signifying the end of the game the offense took one final attempt at the end zone. Shazam! Our FNG (soon to be named Powder Puff) found a seam, slipped behind the zone defense and created slight separation from his defender. The ball landed in Powder Puff’s outstretched arms and he scampered 30 yards into the endzone. The play was questioned if time had expired. It had. But on such a glorious morning no one seemed to question legitimacy of the final play.

We circled up around the flag to complete our COT, our FNG revealed to the PAX that he had actually played college football in his younger days. (It always pays to have a ringer – Thank you Paul ‘Shingles’ Bailey for inviting Powder Puff to F3. We missed Shingles but appreciate him inviting our newest member to F3.

Announcements were made for upcoming F2 (October 22nd at the Rooftop Bar/Pool at Courtyard by Marriott Hilton Head Island
*Please note spouses are invited to and encouraged to join.

The Palmetto Dunes will be hosting a 5K run on Thanksgiving. Sign up at

T-Shirt and activities to follow the race. See / Talk to Spaulding for any additional information.

Prayer requests / Praises
That we all were able to come out, have a little fun and not get injured.
Spaghetti-O’s Father
Our leaders.

Quote of the Day
“It’s 4th and inches, it’s just a matter of how many inches”
As the Explorers were facing a 4th and 50 yards

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