Gates Open

Pax: Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher(Respect), Hostillo, harbaugh!, OJ,  Ratatouille(Respect), Cow Bell, Cable Guy(Respect), Swanson, Chigger, Sawed Off, Judge Judy, Adidas(QIC)

Conditions: cool, clear, and shooting stars

Disclaimer: Not a trained pro. Push yourself, the man next to you, but don’t get hurt. Always pick up the six!

Warm o Rama: SSH IC, TTT IC, plank, right hand up, back to center. Left hand up, back to center. Hold plank, 5 HR Merkins OYO, back to plank. 

Mosey to wall, wall sit for six. 10 Derkins OYO. Mosey to baseball field, plank for six. 

Main Thang: DORA Bleachers. 

Partner up with someone different. Partner one performs exercise, partner two goes up/down bleachers. Exercises were:

100 HR Merkins

150 Monkey Humpers

200 4 ct Flutters

250 Bobby Hurleys (feel the burn)

Mosey to wall, sit for six. Mosey back to pad for:

5MOM (PAX Choice): Dying cockroach IC, Hillbillies IC, 10 burpees OYO, Dirty Dogs IC

Recover, Recover



T-Claps to Ratatouille on day three posting. Day one can be easy, coming back when your sore is not. Great job!

Lombardi doing Savage race at MOB 10/3. FiA and 2.0 friendly. Will announce start time soon. 

Possible CSAUP 10/31, full costume?, to support our MCM runners doing their marathon that day. Deets to follow. 

Full switch to Facebook and Twitter for COMZ. 

Prayers: Harbaugh!’s friend Scott and his family on recent medical diagnosis. Please lift them up and keep them in your prayers. 


  • Q has the right to adjust Q on the fly. Gates were open, so we were doing bleachers! 
  • No, that was not a no impact workout
  • Hostillo does own a T-Shirt
  • 30 flights of stairs covered
  • Bobby Hurleys and stairs burn!
  • Shooting stars are always cool to see, even during a beat down
  • 12 PAX doing Bobby Hurleys in unison on bleachers could be portrayed as a secret chant
  • Unless you like burpees, don’t call on Judy for an exercise

It’s a pleasure, as always, to be in the gloom and be able to lead. 


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