Temp: 60 and perfect
Nae-Nae, Squid(Respect), Radar, Neutron (Respect 2x), Earhart, Mini-Van(Respect), Spaudling (Respect), All Right – All Right (Welcome), Brutus (Q)

Warm up:
Good mornings (bent over @waist)    10    IC
TTT            10        IC
Imperial Walkers    10        IC
Hillbillies        10        IC
SSH             20        IC
Inch Worms        8         OYO

Mosey to Basketball Court behind the Island Rec Center

Arm Circles – Forward 10 count    IC
Arm Circles – Back     10 count    IC
Air Presses –          10 count    IC
Michael Phelps     10 count    IC
1 for 10 (1 merkin, then 10 Air presses, 2 merkins, then 10 air presses up to 10 merkins)
3 merkins into a sprint – foul line to foul line

‘Wash Your Hands’ Song
Everytime they say ‘wash your hands’ you do 1 merkin
Song is only 2 min. 30 seconds w/ 60 Merkins

Mosey to PC Parking lot
    Create one big circle      Stations will number one more than the number of PAX
    Ie 12 PAX, 13 Stations. All stations facing inward when possible
Use Tabuta timer 60/10
    Station 1.  Jump Rope
    Station 2. Ol’ John Henry (sledge 
                            Hammer and Tire work)
    Station 3. Jump Squat and throw
                            Weighted ball up as you come
                            up from your squat
    Station 4. Kettlebell (15lbs) Swings (not
                            too deep on the squat “Flat
    Station 5. Farmers Walk with sandbags
                            with handles (20lbs per side)
                            10 -15 yards out and back
    Station 6. Tricep extension (20lbs)
                            alternate after 12 reps left right
    Station 7. Lawn mower/chain saws with
                            green rubber band. Attach to
    Station 8. Heavy Ropes- Alternating     
                             Waves. Attach to hitch (Mini
    Station 9. Calf Raises on Step Up board.
                            While holding 10 lb sandbags.
    Station 10. American Hammers with ball.
                              Slam on each side for a single
    Station 11. Squat scapulas (bike tires on
                              front of Jeep)
            Station 12. Baseball swings (10 each
                              side) if done early forearm
            Station 13. The guy show w Adam corals
                              They always ended with girls       
                              on trampolines – can just do
                              left or right leg for giggles
          Station 14. Shake weight

          Station 15. All the while one PAX is a mosey or faster with the 30lb sandbag down to end of parking lot and back

Additional stations see below
Over head claps with the 5lb weights
Duck walk 10 yards
Bunny hop back and forth over the parking lot lines
Preacher curls

        1.   J-Lo’s for schnitzel
            Even though he is not present he is here           
             in spirit
F2 (Happy Hour) at Hudson’s Thursday at 5:00
*future plans are being made for a F2 Happy Hour with spouses.

Prayer requests:
Earhart and work – management decisions and their impact on families
Mini-van – daughter Nikki

Thanks for helping me clean out my garage! Until next time
I will leave the trampoline at home with the shake weight. Neither were warmly received.

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