a Dozen at the Brig!

09.14.20 at the Brig

PAX:  Chumbucket, Hard Hat, Squid, Earhart, Minivan, Radar, Schnitzel,Ambien, Brutus, Bartman, Caballero, Spaulding-QIC

Conditions:  77 degrees with humidity!

Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger and faster today.

Warmup:  SSHx20, TTTx10, Squatsx20, AC’sx10, Raise the Roofx10, IW’sx10

Mosey around school complex turned in Indian Run at the Rec Center the balance of the way.

Thang – Grab two bricks

Mosey the parking look stopping on each end.

One end of the lot – 10 Lat Raises, 10 Side Raises, 10 Overhead Claps, 10 Seal Claps, 10 Tri Extension

Other end of the lot – 10 Merkins, 10 Alt Shoulder Tap(2-count), 10 Shoulder presses on your back, 10 Seal Claps on your back, 10 Curls.

Lunge walk 1/3 of the loop….hot lap the balance of the loop.

Rinse and Repeat – most got three rounds in.


Plank for 30 seconds



Iron Pax challenge this week on Thursday with JV

2nd F on Wednesday – Lunch at Giuseppi’s at 12:30

BOLO for an unofficial run in December at the Yacht Club


-Minivan’s wife’s medical procedure


-Very quiet crowd this morning, especially during the run

-Thanks for the help Schnitzel with the bricks

-Large gathering at the Brig…..keep it up PAX.

-Mosey/Indian Run was a little risky in the dark given the conditions of the school roads.  PDPOA would never be in this condition, per Radar!

-Minivan crushed it last week for his 51st birthday….5 Q’s at 4 different AO’s.  I thought for sure he was going to hijack Shingles Run Day Q.  Great work and leadership man!

Until next time ~Spaulding

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