9/8/20 – The Buck: clear skies, low humidity, mid 70’s

PAX: MiniVan(Q-Respect), Swanson, Cable Guy (Respect), SMKG(Respect), Roker, Wet Wipes, Ray, Hacky Sack, Hostillo, McFlurry, Lombardi(Respect)

WarmUp: TTTx10IC, ACFx10IC, ACBx10IC, 10 Burpees. Late arrival = 10 Burpees. Mosey a short distance IWx10IC, HBx10IC, 10 Burpees, Mosey a short distance 10 Burpees, Mosey to main entrance of BHS & 10 more Burpees

  • The Thang: Using the main entrance of BHS as our “base” we proceeded to work through John Heidels “Spicoli” Board of Pain, renamed “Spicoli Special” with tires added in
    • 50 Merkins – run exit and entrance to BHS either flip tire 2x or pull tire 10′
    • 100 LBC – Run/ Tire
    • 150 Sumo Squats – Run/ Tire
    • 50 Dips – Run/ Tire
    • 100 Flutters 2c – Run/ Tire
    • 150 Jump Lunges – Run/ Tire
    • 50 Dry Docks – Run/ Tire
    • 100 Back Scratchers – Run/ Tire
    • 150 Step ups – Run/ Tire
    • 50 Burpees
    • Indian Run back to SF
  • Everyone got into the Step ups, some got into Burpees, no one completed
  • Mary – 10 Pickle Pointers or Air Humpers
  • Announcements – Minimal if any – MiniVan B-day Q on Saturday at TYC, Team workout, the more PAX the better
  • Prayers/ Praises – Schools returning today, virtual and in person – teachers, students and parents. That the internet stays on. Healing for our country
  • Moleskine: The Buck has a better grip on single count vs 2-count then the Island AO’s, or the island AO’s are better at stalling the Q into a debate on single vs 2-count… Adding the tires into the run mixes it up but also slows down the run. Flipping a tire is better then pulling a tire. Hostillo still wears a collared shirt in Bluffton. Wet Wipes gets it done.

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