Date: 9/7/2020

PAX: Schnitzel (Respect), Ambien(respect), Bartman(Respect), MiniVan(Q-Respect), Brutus, Big Al, Nacho Libre (Visitor-Alpha)

Warmup: TTTx10IC, ACFx10IC, ACBx10IC, IWx10IC, HBx10IC

  • The Thang: Run over to our covered walkway in case of a sudden downpour
    • 11’s with Merkins and Groiners at 1st end
      • If you come across a tire either flip it to the next post or if it has a rope, pull it to the next post
    • at other end of walkway, 11’s with Jump Squats and V-ups
  • Tire Flip, Tire pull walk like an Egyptian back to SF
    • 1 PAX pulls tire until 2nd PAX flips tire 4 times and then takes rope pull. Return to walk like an Egyptian
  • Mary: 20 Pickle Pointers IC – hold the “UP”
  • Announcements: Minimal if any –
  • Praises/ Prayers: Schnitzel business deal!, Brutus mother-in-law, Minivan (M&daughter), Big Al – Friend that lost an infant
  • MummbleChatter: The 2 PAX that were most vocal about a late start time (Squid and Hardhat) did not show up, Schnitzel explaining to MiniVan that even though I turn 51 on Saturday I am technically in my 51st year already, Never know where tires may randomly appear, Brutus had a tough decision on what shirt to wear, Lots of talk of the IPC coming up this week – No one is looking forward to it….

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