A Real Crowd Pleaser

September 3, 2020 at The Yacht Club

Conditions:  dark, humid, heat index = 92o at 0515 hrs.

Disclaimers:  don’t get hurt, push yourself and each other. 

Pax:  Goose (respectx3), JV, Brutus, Bartman (respect), Ambien QIC.

5 min warmup:

10 AC (backward)

10 AC (forward)

15 ISW

10 TTT

25 SSH

Mosey around Shelter Cove loop toward bathroom, down past the stage, along the Broad Creek side of RiverWalk to Veteran’s Park (audible called, no garage!)

Round 1:  21s of V-ups and sumo squats between the two decks over the water on either side of Veterans Park

Deck 1:  19 V-ups, then run to

Deck 2:  2 Sumo squats

Rinse and repeat until down to 1 V-up and 20 Sumo squats

Mosey back to field in front of stage in Shelter Cove Towne Park. 

Do Crowd Pleasers on one side of grass and mosey to the other side to complete 4x4s

(Crowd Pleaser = A Merkin followed by a Groiner, but done as a pyramid. Going from 1:1 (1 Merkin and 1 Groiner) to 4:4 (4 Merkins followed by 4 Groiners) and back down to 1:1.  This is all in succession without stopping.)

Side 1:  Crowd pleaser – do Merkins and groiners in equal amounts from 1:1 up to 4:4 and back down to 1:1

Side 2:  1 4×4

rinse and repeat until up to 3 4×4 .

Mosey to Flag.

51 quick flutter kicks


Announcements:  JV’s 13th wedding anniversary is today: God Bless Katie.

Moleskin: Crowd Pleasers are not a crowd pleaser when done at the end of a workout. 4x4s are not much better.

Prayers: all travelers, Narco’s hip, COVID, politicians, quell the violence in our country.

Always a pleasure. Ambien, out.

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